Carbon Fiber products & process to address the issues of repair, Rehabilitate & restrengthen of existing Pipe network of any shape as well as any structural strengthening due to salty or acidic corrosions or disastrous effect like earthquakes; flood, Tsunami, Hurricanes, etc.

The Products are broadly classified in following four areas:

  • StifPipe : Patented technology that uses a lightweight core sandwiched between layers of carbon or glass FRP to build a lightweight and strong pipe for slip-lining pressure pipes and culverts
  • InfinitPipe : Allows construction of a pipeline of virtually any size and shape on-site
  • SuperLaminate : Patented technology that uses a packer (or carrier) to install Carbon and glass FRP laminates for internal repair and strengthening of pressurized pipe.
  • WetLayup : FRP fabric is saturated with epoxy and is wrapped around the outside or pressed against the inside surface of the pipe.