RockFrac® NEDA is an environmentally friendly Non-Explosive Demolition Agent, which is popular in the international quarrying and demolition market. When mixed with clean, cold water turns to mortar and poured into pre-drilling holes in rock and concrete, it swells and exerts expansive capabilities on the hole-wall at a unit value of more than 50Mpa (500kg/cm² or 7,251.885 pounds/inch²) which is strong enough to cut and crack concrete, marble, and granite after a certain period with no noise, no vibration, no ash, no toxic gas, and no flying rocks. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-explosive, no need to train professional personnel, easy to use and controllable.

RockFrac® is fast, economical, and convenient. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-explosive, easy to use, and controllable. Rock Splitting Mortar is the answer when your job calls for the demolition of rock or concrete by non-explosive or low vibration means. Rock Outcroppings, Boulders, or reinforced concrete can be easily split and fractured, speeding its removal.

  • RockFrac® has proven to be more reliable than Brister, Betonamit, FRACT.AG, S-Mite, Dexspan and Da-Mite.
  • Eliminate vibration from blasting, fly rock, permitting, seismic, and explosives monitoring. .
  • Minimize vibration from large breakers. .
  • Exploits the Tensile strength of even the hardest rock. .
  • Reduces removal time, saving time and money.
  • The Fracturing increases productivity of equipment. .
  • Environmentally friendly. .