Eco-Friendly Non-Explosive Pulse Plasma rock fragmentation technology invented by Korea Accelerator and Plasma Research Associations (KAPRA), an R&D organization funded & approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST), South Korea. The technology is patented in various countries like Korea, USA, Japan, Europe, etc.

Plasma Rock Fragmentation technology using pre-wired cells and an Electro Pulse Injector (EPI) is unique & having several benefits.

Benefits are

  • Neither License nor Permission required for stocking / transportation / operation.
  • Low Vibrations; Low noise & low dust .
  • No flying of rocks & no fumes .
  • Broken rocks are of small sizes.
  • No damage to nearby structures or any sensitive areas.
  • Used where underground water exists.
  • Provide speed of rock excavation in hard rock, when non explosive technique required to use at the site.

Usage of Non-Explosive Eco-Friendly Plasma technology increases the upfront project cost but when indirect benefits & commercial advantages are considered like early completion of the rock excavation with total Safe operation, the project owners can visualize their faster & better returns on his investment. Direct benefits because of early completions of the project are:

  • Interest on project cost is lower.
  • Cost saving in the supervision charges, men power, and other site expenses.
  • Increases the capability of handling more projects by the same men power.
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