MTS, where tradition meets the latest technology. Based in northern Germany. MTS is part of Schmidt, Kranz Group, who started building mining & tunneling machines in the 19th century & today they are one of the oldest & biggest family-owned companies.

MTS GmbH designs, manufactures and distributes tunneling systems ranging from diameter 200mm to 3600mm. The tunneling equipment’s are suitable to work in any type of subsoil conditions like soil; clay; murum; boulders; solid rock; granite etc.

These equipment’s are available with various unique features as under:

  • One or two Power pack for jacking rig & cutter head depending upon requirement.

  • Auger or slurry type conveyance system.

  • The equipment’s are designed for mechanical as well as hydraulic spoil removal.

  • MTS 2000 are available with central as well as peripheral driven cutter head.

  • Intermediate Jacking stations & additional slurry pumps available for underground water & maintenance purpose.

  • Laser control or gyroscopic control available for steering & curved drive.

  • Thrust Boring machine & Pipe Bursting machine.

Perforator Guided Thrust auger boring system are available from 200 mm to 2000 mm. The system can be possible to operate in soil & hard rock to install any type of pipes to distance to 50 to 100 meters.